Filling the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our Mandate

PEACELOVING is the end time prayerful ministry filling the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Glory of God.

Our Vision

PEACELOVING was founded on biblical principles for the restoration of human dignity to the Glory of God by the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving to reap the end-time harvest.

But [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
Habakkuk 2:14

And He said to them,
“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

Mark 16:15 NKLV

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2 Chronicles 32:8(KJV)

With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God to help us and to fight our battles.

We serve a God who has the capacity to help and fight the battles of His children. The help of God is so superior, reliable and dependable that He promises to be with us when we go through deep waters and great trouble, or go through rivers of difficulty, we will not drown! Even when we walk through the fire of oppression, we will not be burned up—the flames will not consume us. For our anchored Scripture, we understand that God has the final say regarding every battle that confronts His children. The people gained confidence from what Hezekiah the king of Judah said. King Hezekiah, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, told the people to be courageous in the face of the threats of war from Sennacherib, king of Assyria. The action the people took made God release His angel to annihilate all the fighting men in the camp of the Assyrian after king Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah had prayed.

The life of a Christian is like a running battle with many conflicts. However, the help of God of Heaven secures the trusting Christian victories in all the conflicts. In the darkest moments of life, the assurance of His Loving Presence gives us confidence that we are not alone. He gives us the Grace to endure and the wisdom to know He is working. Our God is a dependable Refuge for His people when everything around them seems to be falling apart. He is our Strong Tower against the enemy, a Defense for His people. He is the only One that can get us out of tight places when we are boxed to a corner and threatened on every side. Whenever the enemy comes against us as a flood, the Spirit of God is readily available to lift up a standard against him. The challenges of life confront us differently but the faith and confidence we express in God determines the end results. Without God, man is hopeless and helpless. He is our present help in trouble.

Beloved, fear not nor be afraid of those who are constantly fighting you both spiritually and physically because God is with you and He will never fail or forsake you. Always ask for the help of God in prayer. Depend on Him wholly for His Help in all areas of your life. Know that the Almighty God is the Only Help you have. He is very present Help in times of need(Psalm 46:1). If the Almighty God cannot help you in your adversity, no “mighty man” or devil can help you, so look up to Him for your help. When the Lord sees that you TRUST Him to be your only source of help, He will arise and help you. I pray that the Almighty God will help you in the day of trouble, and you shall not be ashamed in Jesus’ Name. There is no storm that God won’t carry you through. No bridge that God won’t help you cross. No battle that He won’t help you win. No heartache that God won’t help you let go of. God is so much bigger than anything you will face today. Leave everything in His Hands and embrace this day confidently knowing that He will help you. When you surrender all to Him and seek His face, He will be a Helper to you and also raise helpers for you. Always remember that Christ shall give you comfort and companionship. Be strong and courageous for courage is a virtue that is not optional for children of God who want to fulfil destiny!

O LORD, thank you for Your Word. Give me the spirit of courage, and help me never to lose my ground of faith to the devil in Jesus’ Name.

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