Follow After Righteousness And Mercy

Proverbs 21:21 (KJV) 

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

In pursuing a fulfilling life, one must strive to embody two fundamental values – righteousness and mercy. For those seeking clear and concise guidance, a two-step approach exists to please God and fellow humans. This method is centered around the above mentioned principles and represents a simple yet powerful framework for success. It serves as a manual for living a life pleasing to God and marked by moral integrity, justice, and kindness. Righteousness is the state of aligning with God’s ethical and moral principles. It involves conforming to God’s standard of right and wrong by engaging in actions, speech, and thoughts that are just, virtuous, and upright. Essentially, righteousness is morally and ethically correct, as God defines it. Mercy is the embodiment of compassion and forgiveness. It is the power to extend kindness and help to those who don’t deserve it. It requires us to overlook the offenses of others and refrain from seeking retaliation. When we encounter someone in dire need, mercy compels us to provide for them without hesitation.

In this journey of life, both righteousness and mercy are essential aspects of our relationship with God. We seek to live righteously and extend mercy to others, just as God has shown us His lovingkindness and compassion. There is a category of people that God takes to the highest level of life. We are called to be highly righteous and merciful in our relationships with God and humanity. In other words, if we’re not righteous and merciful, then we will not experience God’s best. Though striving to do what is right in God’s sight at all times, we should be eager to show mercy to those hurting us or needing us because true wisdom combines righteousness and mercy. It is pivotal to uphold these virtues and achieve a life of prosperity and honor. This pursuit is personally rewarding and reflects the biblical call to live a life that pleases God, characterized by love, mercy, and righteousness. Righteous and merciful people are committed, honorable, and respectful people. They always live at their best and beyond themselves, preferring to be misunderstood by men instead of misrepresenting God, for God loves the sincere follower. Righteous and merciful people keep their word and stick with God and man through thick and thin. Let righteousness and mercy combine to make us perfect. While these virtues lead to positive outcomes, they don’t guarantee a life without challenges or hardships. 

Beloved, making a conscious decision to sacrifice your personal desires to please God brings about life’s most incredible peace and pleasure. The combination of godliness and contentment is an unbeatable advantage. So, give up your thoughts today and relentlessly pursue righteousness and mercy at all times. This way, you will experience God’s favor in this life, but the rewards you will receive in the world to come will be far greater. God honors those who honor Him, for He will never forget the seeds of righteousness and mercy you sow. Determine in your heart today to be dedicated to God in every way. Decide once, and for all that, there is nothing more vital in life than honoring God because it will bring deliverance in this life and in eternity. Don’t let the distractions of everyday life keep you from pursuing righteousness and mercy. Look for ways to be faithful to those around you. Show your love by staying loyal. As you pursue mercy and righteousness, good things will return to you! From today onwards, be driven by pure zeal for God; you will see Him move Heaven and earth just for you. Righteousness to God guarantees victory over sin and temptation. Remember, diligently seeking righteousness and mercy brings great rewards—both in this life and in eternity. 

O Lord, guide me on the path of righteousness and mercy. Help me to discern what is just and true in Your eyes, in Jesus’ Name.