The Importance Of Sacrifice

1 Kings 3:4-5 (KJV)

And the king went to Gibeon to sacrifice there; for that was the great high place: a thousand burnt offerings did Solomon offer upon that altar. In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.

Following King Solomon’s ascension to the throne, he demonstrated his devotion to the Lord by offering a substantial sacrifice at the important worship site of Gibeon. He offered a sacrifice unto the Lord as proof of His love for Him. He wanted His sacrifice to speak on his behalf. As a result of this sacrifice, the Lord appeared to him and asked what does he want. There, he humbly requested wisdom from God in a remarkable display of recognizing his limitations despite his royal position. This humble approach led to God granting Solomon unprecedented wisdom, wealth, and honor throughout his reign. This narrative is a powerful example of seeking divine guidance rather than relying solely on personal abilities and the subsequent rewards it can bring. Sacrifice holds incredible power, as evidenced by cases where people offered sacrifices, and God moved in their favor.

The act of sacrifice is an integral component of the Christian faith. A sacrifice holds genuine meaning only when it entails giving up something of personal importance. 2 Samuel 24:24 says, ‘And the king said unto Araunah, Nay; but I will surely buy it of thee at a price: neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing. So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.’ This is the essence of sacrifice; it must be costly. As believers mature in their faith, we can offer sacrifices more willingly, recognizing the significance of God’s ultimate sacrifice, which grants us access to His grace. The willingness to make sacrifices, even when there are pressures to focus on our desires, brings joy to our heavenly Father as His children endeavor to act according to His will. The act of sacrifice serves as a catalyst for significant and unexpected positive changes in life. Committing to sacrifice can invoke divine intervention when faced with challenging circumstances influenced by malevolent forces. Individuals who demonstrate unwavering commitment to sacrifice and obedience consistently draw God’s attention. The altar of sacrifice is where divine visitations occur, and a lifestyle of sacrifice can enable us to perceive the voice of God.

Beloved, cultivate a heart of sacrifice, for every opportunity to sacrifice is an opportunity for divine visitation. Make up your mind to live a sacrificial life. When you demonstrate sacrificial behavior, you embody intense passion and relentless drive; you are an unstoppable force in perpetual motion. When you are ready to progress to a higher level in life and destiny, sacrifice can give you a fresh start. To unlock this level of blessing in your life, you must be prepared to lead a life of sacrifice. While it may not always be convenient, when you consider the benevolence of God in your life, your sacrifice becomes an inherent response. Consistently offer sacrifices to invite divine intervention in order to achieve destiny. Your sacrifices have the ability to communicate on your behalf at all times. Sacrifices can eliminate delays, end enduring struggles, dismantle obstacles, overcome strongholds, and break the cycle of poverty. This exemplifies the potency and enigma of sacrifices. Do not settle for an affordable or convenient alternative; make the necessary sacrifice to achieve your desired breakthrough. Making the essential sacrifice will undoubtedly lead to the fulfillment of your destiny and the satisfaction you seek. Remember, your sacrifice glorifies God and serves as tangible evidence to Him of your faith in Christ.

O LORD, I ask for the grace to live a sacrificial life. Help me to sacrifice entirely and always in Jesus’ Name.